Does working from home affect my home insurance?

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) and insurance companies are offering additional support during the Coronavirus outbreak by relaxing some policy restrictions on home insurance cover.

Do I need to tell my insurer I’m now home working? 

Ordinarily, working from home would need to be noted on your home insurance policy. However, under new measures this extension will now automatically be granted, providing that your work is clerical. However, if you are working from home and receive visitors to the home for any business purpose, you should contact your insurer as there may be some restrictions in cover. It is also worth noting that business equipment such as printers or laptops would not be covered by your home insurance, as your employer should cover these.

 If I am working from home and catch the Coronavirus will my insurance cover the cost of a deep clean for my house?

Most insurance policies will not provide cover for the cost of a deep clean following any viral infection, including contamination by COVID-19.

What if I am stuck abroad?

If quarantined abroad means leaving your home unoccupied for more than the 30- or 60-day limit outlined in your policy documents, it is advisable to contact your insurer to gain advice on the issue.

I have a friend relative or guest staying with me during Lockdown, how will this affect my insurance?

Insurers are taking the view that as some people may require additional care during the imposed Lockdown and as such, do not require you to contact them to advise on any long stay guests at this time. However, this is subject to review depending on the length of the lockdown period.

It is important to note that claims for theft will only be paid if there is evidence of a break-in. Therefore, it is also advised that you show any guests how to effectively secure your property, where the stopcocks are located and any other preventive measures they need to know.

Can I claim any expenses while I am home working

Your employer may pay your expenses if you incur legitimate business expenses whilst working from home. Before incurring any business expenses, it would be sensible to check with your employer that they will be happy to reimburse the expenses. You should also check whether your employer will require you to provide receipts or other records to support any expense claim made.

If your employer will not reimburse any business expenses incurred, you may be able to claim tax relief instead

For full details on what you can claim as tax relief, check out the details on the website.

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