Travel during the Pandemic. We answer your questions

Travel has been dramatically affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, as the world reopens to travel we answer your questions on Travel Insurance.

My flight has been cancelled. What should I do? 

First port of call should be your airline, travel agent or tour operator for their advice if they haven’t already contacted you at point of cancellation. You may be offered an alternative flight, on different dates, the option to change the destination, or a refund. Remember if you have adjusted your travel plans contact your insurance provider to amend your insurance cover.

I no longer want to travel, can I claim on my insurance? 

Travel insurance only covers you in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. Therefore, if you decide not to travel, you will not be covered under your travel insurance. If you do not want to travel, contact your tour operator, travel agent or airline and see if they have any solutions to help you. Again, if you make any alterations to your trip, contact your insurance provider and let them know so they can make any relevant changes to your holiday.

I’ve tested positive for COVID -19 and now cannot travel. 

Since March 2020 some travel providers have amended their terms of cover in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic. All Sports’ travel insurance provider Just Travel have extended cover to include Coronavirus cancellation cover. This means that if you test positive for Covid – 19 and have to self-isolate and cannot travel, you will be covered by the terms of your travel insurance.

I’ve arrived at the airport but been refused boarding due to coronavirus symptoms. Does my insurance cover me? 

Optional denial of boarding extensions are available through some Travel Insurance providers. This additional cover, is available to purchase as an add on product to the standard insurance policy. Should you decided to take this extra cover, you would be insured if you are denied boarding at the airport due to Covid – 19 symptoms.

Will my insurance cover me should I fall ill abroad with Covid – 19? 

You must check the terms of your medical cover with your insurance provider; however, specific cover for emergency medical care with Covid related symptoms are now becoming more widely available. All Sports’ Travel insurance provider Just Travel now include Covid 19 on their list of treatable illnesses while abroad.

If you have a trip booked or are looking at getting away get a quote now and see what cover is available to you. We compare multiple insurers in one place; insurance is suitable for all ages and covers hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions.


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